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    Brewer's AIDe
    Brewer's logging and Journaling Application.
    Your Custom Database for Ingredients,Recipes
    Notes,Events,Journal Entries and more....
    Cloud based and ready for any device..
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    Loaded with features
    Yet simple to
    Learn and Use.
        Lots of help on every panel.
What is Brewer's AIDE

Better Brewing Success

Brewer's AIDE is a custom built application designed to assist and Aid the Home brewer achive better and more consistant results simplifying the important task of tracking your brew. You may also attach notes (journal entries) to each brew batch. Record your taste testing reviews all the way to the last glass.

Better record keeping equals a better brew..

Reference Tables

All the pieces of data you will need to create a recipe and a batch are created by you in advance for repeated use.

  • Ingredients --Track supplier, cost, specific gravity and more..
  • Unit of measure --You chose (US standard,metric,other..)
  • Batch Number start and increment --You chose starting number increment.
  • Batch Events --Brew Day, Fermentation Primary, bottling day more...
  • Techinque and procedures -- Catalog your methods and procedures.
  • Everything in one place accessable anywhere.
  • Print Labels and ingredient Lists.
  • The data is yours not shared by anyone else
  • Recipes .

    By creating reference tables for all the common and reusable data:

  • Ingredients
  • Unit of Measure (Any standard US,Metric etc..)
  • Technical and Procedural instructional information
  • Recipe creation is a very quick, consistent, and error free process. Brewer's AIDE makes brewing consistant , repeatable batches fast and easy. Good organization equals better brewing.


    Batches are the centerpiece of Brewer's AIDE. The batch is an individual indentity that combines a recipe with all the events, techniques, journal entries and even a place to store pictures of your brew in all it's stages. A complete record available online anywhere your device is, allowing you to easily repeat, and always get great consistent results in your brews.

    Cloud Based.

    Brewers Aide is built utilizing the Oracle® autonomous Database. the world's first autonomous data management in the cloud to deliver automated patching, upgrades, and tuning. Available on any device anywhere in the world.

    Video Tour of Brewer's AIDe

    Screencasts to help you get started quickly.

    What to expect when creating an account
    What to expect when logging in the first time
    Overview of the Reference Tables
    Overview of Recipe Creation